Free Kindergarten in 2021

The Victorian Government has announced that kindergarten programs for four-year-old and eligible three-year-old children in Victorian Government funded services will be free in 2021 as part of a $169.6 million investment in early childhood education in the 2020/21 Victorian State Budget.  Free Kindergarten forms part of the economic recovery support for Victorians as we recover from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The initiative is for 2021 only.

This investment will save families around $2,000 for each child enrolled in a participating funded kindergarten program in 2021.

What free kindergarten means at our service?

Highmount Preschool has opted in to the 2021 Free Kindergarten initiative. 

  • Funded sessional kindergarten for 4-year-old children (15 hours per week) – no parent term fees.   Highmount Preschool will be reimbursing families in full for any deposit or fee payments that have already been made for 2021 within a reasonable timeframe (excluding any voluntary payments/donations that the parent has agreed to)
  • Unfunded sessional kindergarten for 3-year-old children – parent term fees will be reduced by a $1600 offset (annual).  

Further information on this announcement can be located at and

** Please note that our LGA (City of Monash) is not part of the rollout of funded 3YO kindergarten program in 2021.  Therefore our 3YO kindergarten program in 2021 is unfunded.  The roll out of funded 3YO kindergarten is not scheduled to occur in our LGA until 2022.  

Further information regarding the rollout of funded 3-Year-Old kindergarten can be found at: