There are a total of 37 policies covering all mandatory and best practice areas related to the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care (NQF). These policies have been developed based upon information provided by the national peak body Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA) to meet legislative, regulatory and funding requirements.

Highmount Preschool values and encourages family input into decision making and strives to draw upon this input to continuously improve the quality of the preschool. We are pleased to invite you to view the preschool’s policies, particularly those that are in draft form and provide any feedback via email

Hard copies of the policies can be made available upon request.

Further information on the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood and Care (NQF) is also available on the Australian Children’s education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website via

For Policy General Definitions, please click here

Quality Area (QA)PolicyMandatory (M) or Best Practice (BP)VersionPolicy Review StatusReview FrequencyDate Last Reviewed  
1Curriculum DevelopmentBest Practice2CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
1Inclusion and EquityBest Practice4CompleteEvery 2nd YearFeb 2021
2Acceptance and Refusal of AuthorisationsMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Administration of First AidMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Administration of MedicationBest Practice4CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
2AnaphylaxisMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2AsthmaMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2019
2Child Safe EnvironmentMandatory5CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
2Dealing with Infectious DiseasesMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2020
2Dealing with Medical ConditionsMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Delivery and Collection of ChildrenMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJune 2020
2DiabetesMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
2Emergency and EvacuationMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
2EpilepsyBest Practice3CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
2Excursions and Service EventsMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Food SafetyBest Practice2CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
2HygieneBest Practice2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Incident Injury Trauma and IllnessMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
2Nutrition, Oral Health and Active PlayMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredFebruary 2021
2Relaxation and SleepMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Road Safety and TransportMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
2Sun ProtectionMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredFebruary 2021
2Supervision of ChildrenBest Practice3CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
2Water SafetyMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
3Environmental SustainabilityBest Practice2CompleteEvery 2nd YearJuly 2019
3Occupational Health and SafetyMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredFebruary 2021
4Code of ConductMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
4Determining Responsible PersonMandatory5CompleteAnnually or as RequiredMay 2021
4Participation of Volunteers and StudentsMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredMay 2021
4StaffingMandatory5CompleteAnnually or as RequiredMay 2021
5Interactions with ChildrenMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
6Enrolment and Orientation - FREE KINDERGARTEN 2021Mandatory1CompleteAnnually or as RequiredFebruary 2021
6Enrolment and OrientationMandatory3CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
7Complaints and GrievancesMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
7Fee Policy - FREE KINDERGARTEN 2021Mandatory1CompleteAnnually or as RequiredFebruary 2021
7Fee PolicyMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredOctober 2020
7Governance and Management of the ServiceMandatory2CompleteAnnually or as RequiredJuly 2019
7Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Best Practice3CompleteEvery 2nd YearFebruary 2021
7Privacy and ConfidentialityMandatory4CompleteAnnually or as RequiredApril 2022