I found Highmount kinder a warm and welcoming second home for my daughter who attended both 3 and 4 yo kinder. I watched her turn from a shy and withdrawn child to being engaged  and outgoing. The educators, support staff and volunteers, are warm, caring and creative in supporting learning and emotional growth. I would highly recommend Highmount kindergarten as a high quality kinder with a nurturing environment. My son is currently in 3yo kinder and is having a blast!
Reema C 



Highmount Preschool is a beautiful warm community run kinder. The teachers and committee are attentive to the children’s needs, and dedicated to building and maintaining its community. Seeing the growth in my child, the care given, along with the excitement they have walking in the gates makes me completely confident I am leaving them in the right hands.
Anne C



Highmount Preschool has supported my daughters learning and development in a fun and engaging way. The educators are amazing and show a caring and positive approach to each child in their care. Highly recommend Highmount Preschool and the well connected community it provides.
Prue T



I’m so grateful that my son gets to attend Highmount Pre-School. He was at a child care and only changed due to my work circumstances. However, it turns out this is actually a better option. He loves it so much that he can’t wait to go to kinder even on school holidays. Teachers are very experienced and have been working there for many years. Their hard work and dedication can never be put into words. Highmount Preschool is a community run kinder so everyone can be part of it. And volunteers are passionate to help so children get the best out of it. I’ll definitely recommend this Preschool.
Jasmine T



My sister and I went there, now both my girls have too. You couldn’t get a better start to school life than here.  
Kate F



Our kid just loves the place and staff. He even asks to go there everyday. Whilst we tell him every time that this is his kindergarten; step in the direction to join Primary next year, but he keeps requesting to go back.. Entire credit goes to the teachers and management to make learning and collaboration so much fun – this will surely help them become great and responsible nationals, human beings. Thank you Highmount Team Keep Rocking…. Jasjeet A



A fantastic kinder with a great new playground, friendly and enthusiastic teachers, and a friendly and supportive community. Would highly recommend.
Lauren Q



High-quality education while playing in a caring environment. I can’t ask for more.
Amal A



My 4 year old son is studying in this preschool. And I feel secure and comfortable to leave my son there because all the teachers and staff are so nice!
Kenny K



Highmount Preschool has helped my child develop his social skills. At home, he always wants to engage himself in activities like cooking and baking. He loves his teachers and kinder friends and is always eager to go to Kinder.
Zainab B



Highmount Preschool is an excellent kindergarten. My son enjoys going to school and the staff have been amazing with him. The school staff care about the needs of each and every child and I am really glad that I chose Highmount Preschool for my sons early education.
Sanjeevni S



Amazing kinder with the most beautiful and caring teachers. Kids just don’t want to leave at pick up time! Would recommend it to anyone!
Marija S



Highmount Preschool is a wonderful Committee run Preschool in Mount Waverley. The educators are excellent and care about each child individually plus they are passionate about teaching the children. We have been involved with the preschool for 3 years and could not have asked for better. Our children have made wonderful friends while being at Highmount. We highly recommend Highmount!
Tess J